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Dear friend of children's ministry,

When teaching children, the message is communicated more efficiently, if you use attractive visual aids. They help even the most active child to concentrate on the teaching. Children love games and plays. The teaching of these games is based on the Bible.

Conversation cards include themes that deal with feelings, ethics and moral questions.

You can print out these games, glue the sheets on a heavier paper and then cut into cards. If you cover the cards with plastic or laminate them, they last longer. If your printer is able to handle heavier paper, you can print them straight on it. If you use colored paper, you get colored cards. Make a bag from colourful material for them or use a small cardboard box, which you can decorate yourself.

You can print and copy all these games and distribute them freely for children's ministry and for mission work. You can also translate them into any language. We would be grateful to get feedback from you and hear where these games have spread (Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.).

May the Lord bless your work with children and youth and may these spiritual games and plays help them to learn more about God's love and greatness.

If you teach about Jesus, God, the Bible, missions or prayer, check which games to use from here.


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